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 Managing Third Party Short/Long codes
It is on the short code that is shared that configuration of the keyword takes place, and here lies the difference. Availability of the code has to be checked and accordingly creation of the keyword has to take place. In the case of short codes dedicated, keyword of their own is created by the customer and also alias is defined on it. On the dedicated short code there is no concern of the keyword availability. It is on nodes in multiple forms that the pull platform is based. This platform has the facility of running instances in multiples for every node. The basis of the pull platform is on the suffix modal. To process a request there has to be some application for any short code with a suffix or short code and hence suffix modal is needed. After the application is processed, the request is returned back to the response message from the pull platform to send the message back to the customer. Characteristics of the managing third party short/long codes include system availability 24×7, unlimited capacity for SMS inbox, no requirement of additional resource or training, no issue of congestion, no purchasing hardware and software of any kind and a convenient and cost effective method of reaching out to customers.
Bulk SMS

Businesses are promoting their services and products in.

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SMS Push Platform

When it is a business or institution, one of the integral.

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SMS Gateway

Businesses are promoting their services and products.

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SMS Pull Platform

It is on the suffix modal that the pull platform for SMS is based.

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International SMS

Without having to worry about expenses or charges.

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Voice Out Dial

Messages are pre-recorded on the phone in a technique.

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For sending your message an identifier for keyword usage.

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Third Party Short/Long

It is on the short code that is shared that configuration.

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