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Businesses are promoting their services and products in an inexpensive way by using SMS in bulk. An effective tool used for communication by the department of information and technology in the larger companies is sending SMS in bulk. However it is the smaller companies which need help in this area. Their needs can be best served if a good provider for sending messages is used. This process can be best understood even by a person who does not know much about computers.

Depending upon the quantity needed, SMS are sent in bulk by the provider for which just a computer and an internet connection are required. Just like an email is sent, SMS too can be sent. A lot of flexibility is provided to the user which means the messages can be sent from office or home. Almost any kind of desktop application can be used for sending the messages.

Options such as message delivery receipts, text messaging the two way method, programming at the time of sending the messages are available. The utility table can also be used for sending the bulk SMS. In this system the information such as phone numbers, names etc can be exploited. The contact can be highlighted, message can be customized and within the table the data can be stored for sending.

Bulk SMS

Businesses are promoting their services and products in.

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SMS Push Platform

When it is a business or institution, one of the integral.

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SMS Gateway

Businesses are promoting their services and products.

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SMS Pull Platform

It is on the suffix modal that the pull platform for SMS is based.

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International SMS

Without having to worry about expenses or charges.

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Voice Out Dial

Messages are pre-recorded on the phone in a technique.

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For sending your message an identifier for keyword usage.

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Third Party Short/Long

It is on the short code that is shared that configuration.

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