Bulk SMS
Called SMS Marketing

Excellent marketing strategies make a world of difference to your business giving you an edge over your competitors. With the advent of mobile phones we see that almost all have one today. Anyone can be contacted at the press of the button. The caller may be travelling or the receiver may be travelling, still communication is not a constraint today.

SMS Services
Medium Called SMS Marketing

SMS Services in mobile phones are innumerable and its users have increased in leaps and bounds in the past few years. SMS is the abbreviated form of short service message. It is the simplest way to store and forward messages between mobile phones. The message can be sent in alphanumeric characters.

Voice SMS
SMS, Primarily A Message Sending

Voice SMS is a feature on mobile phone which allows you to send voice messages in a non – interfering way. Text typing can be avoided if this service is used. There is no language barrier while using voice SMS. You can send the message in the language of your preference.You do not need any fancy phone for sending voice SMS.


For sending your message an identifier for keyword usage works well in the two way messaging system. Up to seven characters can be used in the keyword. As per your need related to the business a relevant word, the name of the company or the name of the brand can be used in an abbreviated form in the keyword usage.

For setting the keyword the responses of the following kinds are supported by the short long code used for the sake of business promotion. In the forwarding with a response, that is static method for the keyword, a response is received and forwarded to the URL of the customer. After this configuration of a static response occurs, it is sent to the subscribers.

In the responses received from the URL, the messages are forwarded to the URL of the customer and the response is sent to the subscriber. This system is commonly used by banks. In the response involving simple messages, against the keyword a response that is static is set which on every received SMS is then forwarded to the concerned subscriber. Setting of no static message is done in the simple URL forwarding system. The keyword's hit is sent directly to the exposed URL. For two-way messaging the short long code can be used.